Telling the time by Analog clock and Digital clock

Telling the time by Analog clock and Digital clock 

There are two types of clock. They are : Analog clock and Digital clock.

i) Analog clock:

Analog clock has about 3 hands. The smallest hand is for expressing the hours, the middle length hand one is for minutes and the largest one is for expressing seconds. Some clocks have only two hands. The smallest hand is for hours and the big hand is for minutes. An Analog clock only has 12 numbers. For the better understanding of the numbers, there are small dots around them. There is a dot in every minute and a big dot for every five minutes. There are about 60 dots. In an Analog clock, after 12 in the midday, the time starts from 1 all over again. 

In some Analog clock, their might not be any numbers whatsoever. The time is pointed though big and long arrows or dots. However there are some clock in which only 12, 3, 6 and 9. These four numbers are surfaced. An Analog clock is what we mostly use in our houses. In an Analog clock there is no way to express if it is the day or the night time because no a.m or p.m is used when pointing time.

ii) Digital clock:

In a digital clock there are no hands or arrow. After analog came digital clock so it is used to point time in an even easier way. Because these type of clocks are used with numbers alone. So people who know only numbers can understand the time. Even though analog clock has about 12 numbers, digital clock has 24 numbers. The time starts from 12 in the midnight and after 12 in the midday comes 13 instead of 1. Also in the night instead of 11, 23 is used and 12 a.m. is expressed with 0.00 a.m. 

Digital clock is normally seen in our phones or computer. In a digital clock after every hour there is “Beep” sound. The time midnight to midday is expressed with a.m. and the time from midday to midnight is expressed with p.m. Such as: from 12 in the night till 11.59 in the noon is considered a.m. And from 12.00 in the noon till 11.59 in the night is considered p.m.

Telling the Time in English

Telling the Time in English

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