How to learn grammar

How to learn grammar

How to learn grammar 

It’s really very easy to learn English grammar ever in the world. Remembering  and use are one of the best way of learning English grammar. When you go to learn TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS,  you will find that all are the only matter of practice of learning English Grammar. Taking I mean speaking and writing can give you expertness of learning English Grammar.

Basic idea about how to learn English Grammar from the video

Learning  English Grammar, you have to know and practice 10 things to learn. 

Step 1: Parts of speech

Parts of speech is the main and basic principles of learning English Grammar. 

Parts of speech is of 8 kinds. They are as follows:

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Adjective 
  4. Verb 
  5. Adverb 
  6. Preposition 
  7. Conjunction 
  8. Interjection

Learn more about Parts of Speech from the video:

Step 2: The Sentence:

According to meaning sentences are of 5 types. They are as follows: 

  1. Assertive Sentence–

Assertive sentence is also 2 types

i. Affirmative Sentences—I am writing note on Sentence types and Examples

ii. Negative sentence–He is not unable to learn 

  1. Interrogative sentence–Do you want to learn all sentences structure?
  2. Imperative sentence–Don’t waste time in vain.
  3. Optative Sentence–May Allah bless you.
  4. Exclamatory sentence–What is nice note it is!

Learn more about the sentences from the video:

Step 3: Learn Phrase: The group of words which expresses partial meaning where there is no subject and finite verb and it is used as parts of speech is called phrase.


I do not know how to swim. 

Swimming is a good exercise

Step 4: Learn Clause:

The word group words where there is a subject and a finite verb and it is used in a larger sentence is called clauses.


Everybody likes him because he is very simple.

Unless you work hard, you can do better.

She sent me an email I replied to him.

Step 5: Sentence Diagram

How to learn grammar
How to learn grammar

A sentence has 2 parts such as

Subject and predicate

Example: Jesica is making a note on how to learn English grammar

Step 6: Learn Tense

Tense is one of the most important factors to learn English Grammar. There are 12 types of tense by which we can write correctly.

The 12 tenses are as follows:


Present Indefinite tense 

Present Continuous tense

Present Perfect tense 

Present Perfect Continuous tense 


Past Indefinite tense 

Past  Continuous tense

Past  Perfect tense 

Past Perfect Continuous tense 


Future Indefinite tense 

Future Continuous tense

Future Perfect tense 

Future Perfect Continuous tense 

Step 7: Learn right form of verb

Right form of verb is another second important and 7th factors of writing in English correctly using English Grammar 

I (write) a note now on how to learn English Grammar 

Correct answer:

 I am writing a note now on how to learn English Grammar 

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