Changing tenses according to directions Exercise-01


Change the following tense according to directions

a. I am writing a letter. (Present Indefinite)

b. She went to class. (Present Indefinite)

c. He was doing math. (Present Indefinite)

d. They will come in time. (Present Indefinite)

e. Jannat will be breaking the glass. (Present Indefinite)

f. I am writing an email. (Present Indefinite)

g. You were passing the road.(Present Indefinite)

h. He writes well. (Present Continuous)

i. You ate rice. (Present Continuous)

j. She was making tea. (Present Continuous)

k. Tonu goes to school daily. (Present Continuous)

l. Sadia will come in time. (Present Continuous)

m. The boys make a noise. (Present Continuous)

n. The moon shines.  (Present Continuous)

o. Mita sits on a chair (Past Indefinite)

p. He writes a letter.  (Past Continuous)

q. He goes home. (Future Indefinite) 

r. You watch TV. (Future Indefinite)

s. He will buy a new dress.  (Present Indefinite)

t. They are making noise (Future Indefinite)

u. I was buying the books. (Present Indefinite)

v. I shall buy red pen. (Future Continuous)

w. You will be drinking coffee. (Future Indefinite) 

x. Nusaibah is singing a song. (Past Indefinite)

y. She needs water. (Past Indefinite)

z. He will see it. (Future Indefinite)

Answer is given in the post : Match the answer sheet with your answer. 

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