Difference between Success and Succeed

Difference between Success and Succeed

These are confusing words and that’s why  now I am going to discuss about the Difference between success and succeed


Success is a noun and it may stay in the beginning or at the end.


Success is not easy but everyone wants success.

Success is a noun which means good result of to achieve your goal.


That show is a big success.

She wants success in her life.

His hard work brings another success for him.


Succeed is a verb. Generally it may stay in after the subject and as a principal verb.


I succeed in the last competition. 

The word “succeed” is a verb which means to attain success.

The past hands of succeed is “succeeded”

For instance-

1. He needs to work hard to succeed in his life.

2. She succeeded in business.

Other related form of same verb are- successful and successfully. Successful is an adjective.

Example: He is a successful businessman.

Successfully is an adverb.

Example: He successfully passed the exam.

Confused Words – Succeed, Success, Successful, Successfully

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