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Preface- An introduction about this blog and me

My 19+ Years of teaching experiences are here in this EnglishGrmmarBlog.com. You can start learning English Grammar from me, for FREE!

What This Blog Is All About?

I welcome you to EnglishGrmmarBlog.com – which is my charity project to give something back to the world. I have been working as an English Teacher especially on English Grammar arena for 19+ years and throughout the journey I have learned a lot of stuffs of English Grammar. I can’t but share the knowledge I have gained already, here in this blog for whole world who are interested in English Grammar.

I have started this English Grammar Blog just this year 2017 and it will be systematically published each and every post day by day. You can get a little bit scattered as I don’t have much time for completing my plan what I have thought to do for giving here. But after some time of days you will get of the orders each and every topic of English Grammar. Best of Luck! Start from here and choose any chapter what you want to learn!

We, 5 members team, are dedicated to discussing English grammar easily with an interesting way to make the clear idea in full and final for using them in each and every sentence to make the sense correct what all of you want to say. It will be easy in the every discussion because we will discuss every topic with deep definition, related examples, and practice for exercise with the solution. After that, we have a response team to give you more opportunity to clarify any topic if you want to learn more by emailing us.

Team Members Profile:

About Me
I am, Md Sayed Ali, a dedicated person to research about English Grammar to present them in an easy way to the readers or learners so that they can easily understand and use in their daily necessary work of English writing.  I have completed B.A (Hons) and M.A in English Literature from National University in Bangladesh. I am the admin and core editor of this English Grammar Blog.

I have been teaching the students since 1998. Only after completing my SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Exam, I have started my journey of teaching. It is noteworthy that it was not it was not in a formal way going on my teaching in the beginning. Up to my B. A(Hons) and M. A in English Degree, I was a “English Home Tutor”.

I was teaching this 11 years (1998-2009) only by going home to home more or less a century students I have taught the English Subject. After my B. A (Hons) and M. A in English Degree, I have joined this famous institution as a girls’ school in this Mirpur area in Dhaka since 2009. Since then I have been teaching the students in the classroom as an  “English Teacher”.

Fall in love in English Subject:
When I was a student of nine-ten, I like and love to learn English Grammar very much. At that time from my EFT, I have made notes near about 200 sentence structure in English Language.

At last Professional English Teacher:
Now at present time, when I have learn the developing and maintaining the website, I have started to think for uploading and sharing the knowledge of English Grammar what I have learnt and prepared for a long time for me and for my loving students by research from online and some other famous book of Bangladeshi and Indian writer .   

Live and Launch the online journey:
At last it has been come to true as I have publish/live this website on English Grammar Lessons. I have become very happy as it is working better for my students, viewers or visitors and well wishers.

Forgive me for Mistakes and Remarks me for Corrections:
In this website of grammar may have many mistakes or wrong idea but please don’t hesitate to inform me for making corrections in any post of all the lessons. Not only for this, if you have any suggestions, remarks or feedback, please feel free to contact with us.

Importance of English Grammar:
Knowledge and Experience what will help you if you expert in English Grammar It will help in writing correct sentence;It will not only help you but also make you passionate in writing;You can make sensible sentences in speaking time;It will help you to understand at the listening time;Quick reading will available in you if know English Grammar in the right way.
To overcome weakness in all the above mentioned sector English is very difficult for non-native but not impossible if the learners who try eagerly with sincerity and punctuality.

Practice makes a man perfect:
If anybody wants to be skilled in any topic of any sector, he or she has to go through a continuous process with the lessons in what he or she wants to be skilled or expert. He has to do that by some practice to make the lesson understandable and clear as practice makes a man perfect. I have made a table of content according to the sequence or the chronological way with a view to keeping pace with the English Grammar.

My planning to study this Blog:
So, get all the uses and advantage of English Grammar, I plan here all the topics serially and chronological way according to its importance and necessary. You will learn all aspects of the English writing skill from this blog. The main purpose of this blog is to enable you for improving your writing skills in both personal and formal communications.

All topics of English grammar are gradually posted here from the very basic to deep advanced what will cover to the 4 skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) especially the writing skill is the best you will get

The special motto of this English Grammar Blog is to improve readers/visitors writing skills both in personal and in formal education

How to get started:
The left side menu is proper way to navigate for learning all the basic from the very beginning to the end of the menu. Then all the advanced items will be added next year from January in 2018.

If any topic is not found
Email me when it is very necessary if any topic is not found in this English Grammar Blog what you are searching that want to know more. Just send me the keyword that is necessary to know more in pleasing way, within 1 to 3 days after writing the post; I will give you the content link of the keyword sending an email.

Download the lessons to study
5 members are working together with passion to post all the topics constantly and continuously. All the post you can download all the lessons to study that is needed most. All the posts are in PDF so that you can study more at in offline to be rich in English especially in English Grammar.
Faysal Sikder
He is the most enthusiastic and ready to get learning person who always keeps himself to learn various subject especially English, English Grammar, Computer programming, Mathematics. He is an expert writer of this blog. He has completed B. Sc in computer science and engineering from National University in Bangladesh.
Sheikh Md. Samsuddin:
He is a mathematician who writes in math blog and also in English Grammar learner and writer. He writes the basic part of Primary Section English. He is a graduate in B. Sc and Mastered in Mathematics.
Farjana Lusi:
She is an English Teacher at Primary Section School. She always tries to make understand English Grammar the primary students who are weak and isolated students from education. She also writes here in this blog in the primary section. She also completed B.S.S Degree and MSS in Political Science. She is very fond of English grammar to teach.

For whom we are working:

We are discussing English grammar for the following types of the students:The students of primary section of any country;The students of high school section of any country;The students of college/ intermediate section of any country;The students of university level section of any country;The person who are interested in learning English Grammar;We also are discussing English grammar for the following types of people:

The persons who love and eager to learn English grammar;The graduates who want to learn English Grammar for getting a good job such as primary section, high school section, collage section, university level, bank job, cadre and non-cadre job and BCS etc;The person who want to be a content writer such blog content, review content, magazine content etc;The others professional person who are going to sit for exam for promotion;The person who are interested in learning English Grammar

1.  To teach English Grammar from Basic to Advance
We are working here on this blog for making sufficient knowledge in the English grammar uses so that you all can become skillful and get more confidence and ability to write every single sentence with correct and ease. All the rules and examples will be discussed here in this English Blog from basic to advance level so that basic learners to advance learners can learn and make practice more easily.

2. To remove disbelief:
This English grammar blog wants to stand to remove the fear from the persons’ mind who fear English Grammar as a disbelief to be difficult and toughest in the world who are not native of English. We just want to make them clear that English grammar is very easy and interesting to learn and to use. Here in this blog English grammar will be discussed in ins and outs with acute from deep to deepest of every single term of English grammar. If a person comes here in this grammar blog for reading to learn English grammar, he will be able to get each topic serially and in a arranged way one after another what will make enthusiastic about this learning.

Stay in Touch:
There are many ways to stay in touch or stay in connect with us;Firstly you can visit our grammar blog on regular basis to navigate the latest post and categories.Secondly you can
subscribe by submitting your email and get connected with us for getting all post weekly or monthly.Thirdly you can join with the social media that we use to give the each and every post after posting. You can like our Facebook Updates to be connected with us and when we post a single post also, we will share it in the FB page that you can get easily all the post currently and instantly. If you have twitter id, you can join with us to get every update. Google Plus and Twitter are another way by which you can follow us to view all the latest new post of content that will help you better your understanding of English Grammar. Easily follow @ Twitter Grammar Updates

Have a suggestion please:
If you have any suggestions in any matter that you want to learn more, please inform us so that we can add, removes or exchanges of any part of any post or the post whole if you right. We will care your valued suggestions when you feedback with any query, suggestions, remarks and comments. Hope with optimism:We hope you enjoy this blog and we are optimistic that you have fun and interest improving your English Grammar Skills.Here’s to your successful journey of learning English!

Md Sayed Ali
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